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With over 450,000 visitors each year, Montauk State Park has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular vacation spots in Missouri. Generations of Missourians have been coming to Montauk State Park to enjoy some of the best fishing in the state. Though Montauk State Park is famous for fishing, the park offers visitors a myriad of other recreational activities that include hiking and biking as well as playgrounds, campgrounds, and tours of the Historic 1896 Grist Mill.

Camping and RV sites are available at Montauk State Park for those who wish to bring their own accommodation. Whether sleeping under the stars or nestled in a cozy RV, the experience within the park is a warm and friendly family activity. After a day of fishing and enjoying nature, Montauk State Park offers shower and laundry facilities. Wood for your campfire and ice are conveniently sold near the camping and RV sites. For those that need a bit more than a campsite, sleeping bag, and a campfire, Montauk Resort offers cabins with air conditioning, heat, baths with hot showers, comfortable living spaces and convenient kitchens.

Fishing Montauk
World-class trout fishing along the Current River
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